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Homework Guidelines

     Homework helps students reinforce and practice skills and concepts learned in school. Homework also helps students prepare for upcoming lessons or projects.  Having regular routines at home for completing homework will help your child be successful at school.


     Each student should have a tablet or planner for recording his/her daily homework assignments.

Grades K-3: 

Homework and Communication Tablet/Folder

Grades 4-6:

Student planner (1st copy provided by school)


     How much time should my child spend on homework?

The general rule is an average of 10 minutes per grade level.  Example:

Kindergarten and 1st grade= 10 minutes

3rd grade = 30 minutes

6th grade= 60 minutes


     The minutes noted above are general guidelines and may vary.  Time spent on homework will also depend on children’s ability to remain on task and focused.  The examples given do not include nightly reading time.



Whose Responsibility Is It?


Student Responsibility:


  • Check for homework assignments daily.
  • Record assignments daily.
  • Show parents and teachers any communication from home or school.
  • Complete all homework assignments.
  • See teacher if there is difficulty with assignments.
  • Do homework independently (exception of noted ‘family’ homework assignments).


Parent Responsibility:


  • Provide homework environment (daily routine, space, and time).
  • Check tablet, folder or planner daily to ensure assignments are completed.
  • Check with child’s teacher for any homework concerns.


Teacher Responsibility:


  • Communicate with parents how homework supports the standards/benchmarks.
  • Communicate with parents regarding difficulty student is having.
  • Review homework with student before giving homework assignments.
  • Provide feedback on homework assignments.

What if my child is absent?


How do I request homework for my child after an absence from school?


     Much of the learning experience that occurs during a school day cannot be captured through make-up work.   However, to inquire about what your child is responsible for please contact your child’s teacher.


Can my child receive make-up work prior to a family vacation or trip?


     No make-up work will be provided prior to an extended absence.  Every day in school is an opportunity to learn.  While make-up work can serve as a review of what was covered for the day, the discussions, experiences, and hands-on learning cannot be reproduced.  Make-up work can never adequately replace the learning time that was lost.  Student grades will reflect their lack of participation and/or progress.


Resources and Support


  • First contact your child’s teacher and let him/her know what your concerns are.

  • Mrs. Oyama, Waikele School Counselor

  • Mrs. Kailiawa, Waikele School Counselor

  • “Homework Without Tears” by Lee Canter and Lee Hausner, Ph.D.

  • “How to Help Your Child with Homework” by Marquerite C. Radenchich, Ph.D. and Jeanne Schumm, Ph.D.


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