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Attendance Policy

Revised August 2015

     Daily school attendance is fundamental to your child’s learning and overall school success.  Not only will it provide your child with optimal opportunity for learning, it also develops a sense of responsibility and follow through that will be valuable throughout his/her life.

     The school day begins at 7:55 am and, like daily school attendance, promptness to school is essential to your child’s school success.  Arriving promptly at school ensures that no instruction is missed, his/her routines are maintained, and good work habits are promoted.




How can I support my child to ensure he/she arrives promptly to

school daily?


     Getting ready for a school day actually begins the night before.  Have your child set out his/her clothes, shoes, and packed bag the night before to alleviate avoidable stress and/or conflicts.  Set up regular bedtime routines to promote healthy and regular sleep patterns.  Make sure bedtime allows for 8-10 hours of sleep.  On the morning of the school day, allow time for a good breakfast and enough time for an unrushed morning.


What happens if my child arrives tardy to school?


     If your child arrives in class after 7:55 am, he/she will need to report to Hale Hooulu (front office) to provide a reason for his/her tardiness and receive a tardy pass to be admitted to class.  Any tardy that is not accompanied by a note from the doctor will be considered Unexcused.




How can I support my child in maintaining daily school attendance?


     Be sure to allow your child to openly communicate with you about his/her school experience.  Be open to hearing about the ups and downs of academic challenges and relationship building.  If your child expresses worries or anxieties about a school experience, do not allow your child to stay home from school as a means of avoidance, instead help build healthy problem-solving skills by providing guidance to help your child to work through it or by requesting assistance from your child’s teacher, counselor, or other adult support in school.


What do I do if my child is absent from school?


     The following is in accordance with the Waipahu Complex Elementary School’s attendance policy:


  • Any student who is not present in school on a school day or arrives after 11:00 am is considered absent for that day.


  • ALL student absences require written documentation from parents as to the reason for the absence. Parents must submit the written documentation within 3 days after the child returns to school.


  • Only the following will be accepted as excused absences:

    Illness, injury, quarantine, death in the family, court appearances or approval, special cases as approved by the principal, and school authorized activities (ex. Student council related activities, learning experience trips, etc).


  • If written documentation is not received within 3 days, the absence will be marked as UNexcused.


     Frequent absences may result in the involvement of the school social worker and a Family Court Petition for educational neglect.


What if my child will be absent from school for an extended period of time (5 or more days) due to a family vacation or trip?


  • To avoid a disruption in learning, families are encouraged to schedule vacations and trips during times that school is not in session (summer, fall, winter, and spring intersession). If an extended trip is scheduled, parents must submit a letter to the principal stating the reason for the absences and the dates involved. A conference with you, your child’s teacher, the principal, and counselor may be scheduled. Absences due to family vacations will be marked as UNexcused. Failure to notify the principal of an extended absence may lead to undue involvement of the school social worker and Family Court.




How do I request homework for my child after an absence from school?


Much of the learning experience that occurs during a school day cannot be captured through make-up work.  However, to inquire about the work that your child is responsible for please contact your child’s teacher.


Can my child receive make-up work prior to a family vacation or trip?


No make-up work will be provided prior to an extended absence. Every day in school is an opportunity to learn. While make-up work can serve as a review of what was covered for the day, the discussions, experiences, and hands-on learning cannot be reproduced. Make-up work can never adequately replace the learning time that was lost. Student grades will reflect their lack of participation and/or progress.


Family Support

How can I get help or support, if needed?


School Support:  307-6100

Start with your child’s teacher:


Hale Hooulu (front office)

Ms. Kaneshiro, Health Aide

Ms. Moore, PCNC

Ms. Kailiawa, School Counselor

Ms. Oyama, School Counselor


Ms. Kawamura, Vice Principal

Mr. Sheldon Oshio, Principal


Community Support:

Parent Line  526-1222