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How to Prepare for HSA

Here are some things STUDENTS can do:
Rest Get a good night’s sleep before the test.

Eat A good Breakfast on the morning of the test is important. Test taking takes lots of energy.

Be On Time! If students arrive after testing has started, he/she need to wait in the front office until testing is done for the day - so please come early!

Listen Listen carefully to the directions that are given for the test and follow them exactly. If the directions are not clear, ask the teacher to repeat them or to explain the directions again.

Give it your best! Do your best. Even if some of the questions seem hard, keep going. You can do it!

Here are some things PARENTS can do:
Plan Please do not schedule routine doctor or dentist appointments during the testing periods. If absolutely necessary, schedule them for after lunch (testing occurs during the morning periods).

Discuss Talk to your child about school and test taking. Help your child understand that testing provides the chance to show what a student understands about a subject and how the teacher can best help the child to learn. There is no pass or fail on the HSA and it requires no additional homework or study time.

Support Make sure your child understands that the test scores simply give information. They will NOT be used to reward or punish students.

Relax Reassure your child about the test-taking experience. A sense of calm and assurance will assist your child in performing at his/her best.